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Al Ain Amblers Rugby Club Weekly Update


The club reception & office is under reconstruction – a temporary reception office has been set up via the stadium gate entrance. Please use this entrance until further notice.

Access to the restaurant is via the glass door to the left, as you enter the stadium gate. Access to the gym & pool will be via the door next to the gym entrance, coming from pitch side. Again you will gain access to this via the stadium gate.


Please find the following hours during Ramadan

Sunday to Thursday, 7.00am to 12.00am

Friday & Saturday, 8.00am to 12.00am


Sunday to Thursday, 7.00am to 11.00pm

Friday & Saturday, 8.00am to 11.00pm


Sunday to Saturday, 8.00am to 11.00pm


Normal hours during Ramadan


Sunday to Saturday, 11.00am to 12.00am. “Happy Hour” is also operating this month, 3.00pm to 5.00pm, Saturday to Wednesday only.


Great to see some rugby still happening during Ramadan….

The Women’s team are training Monday & Wednesday, 7.00pm 8.30pm in preparation for their upcoming tour to Phillipines. Keep up the good work!

Our Wolves players are also still training, Monday & Wednesdays, 9.30pm to 10.30pm. Great to see these boys continuing with their development and obvious enjoyment in the game!

Congrats to our adult coaches for next season: Wihan Grobler & Martha Dyer

Best of luck for next season and we wish you well!

Finally, a big congrats to the Cup winners at the Dubai Exiles Touch tournament last Friday. Thanks to Leon Bell for his continued support and love of touch rugby, this has contributed immensely to the growth in AAA, especially within our youth girls. Congrats and best wishes to all involved!


With the downturn in the economy, sponsorships have proven difficult to come by, especially over the past two seasons. This year, Mark McCarragher has done a fantastic job with securing new sponsorship opportunities, which will grow our AAA brand and ultimately encourage more memberships for our club.

As usual, we kindly request that you support our sponsors by partaking in their promotions and events. They have committed to AAA for the next year, so we ask that you do the same by supporting them.

  • MECURE HOTEL: AAA would like to welcome our new hotel sponsor, Mecure Hotel (Jebel Hafeet). The hotel will be providing vouchers on a regular basis and special tariffs for overnight stays. Please go to the link below or call Mohamed on 037046888 for more information.

Please see their Ramadan special below

  • BOUNCE AL AIN: will be providing vouchers to be used as giveaways and discounted rates for members. There sponsorship contribution will be used for the adult rugby teams.For more information, contact Khauhelo at Khauhelo@bounce.ae or Diego at diego@bounce.ae they are more than willing to assist you anytime. Alternatively you can go to their website for additional information https://bounce.ae/alain#/

  • PLANET MONTESSORI NURSERY: will be offering discounted admission rates to members. There sponsorship contribution will be used for the youth rugby teams. For more information, contact Lisa (Manager) on 03 767 6868 or email info@planetsmontessori.com. Lisa and her team will be more than willing to meet & discuss schooling for your children.

Looking for employment?

Give Lisa a call if you’re interested…..


The shop will be open Sunday to Fridays, 11.00am to 7.00pm. The shop is located down at the pool area (the old dive shop). Cash or credit cards accepted. The new rugby shop will be moved to the current club management office by early July. The current rugby shop will operate as per normal until then.


AAA members are entitled to a 15% food discount at the club restaurant. Please carry your membership card, as you maybe requested for proof of membership.


The rugby club now has a WHATSAPP group for members. This will be used in conjunction with the WEEKLY EMAIL &FACEBOOK PAGE to ensure you receive up-to-information from the club. This will include events, promotions and anything club related. We will endeavour to keep the posts to a minimum.


Looking for swimming lessons for you or your child?Please contact the club reception on 03 7026431 or email rugby@aesgc.ae for more information.


AESGC has a strict NO FOOD OR DRINK FROM OUTSIDE THE CLUB. The organisation could be liable for huge fines should this continue. Please observe and respect this club policy and do not be offended if you are questioned accordingly or asked to dispose of these items.


Just a reminder, if you are inviting guests to the club, you must be present with them upon entry. Cost is AED 30 per visitor (limit of two per member). Non-members or visitors pay a day rate of AED 100. Golf members bringing in guests will pay AED 60 per person.


Family Night & Quiz Night will continue as usual during Ramadan.


Ramadan 2018 – Iftar at the Al Rikab Restaurant

Interested in an Iftar meal during Ramadan? Try out the RAMADANA TENT at the Al Rikab restaurant on AESGC grounds. AED 90 pp or AED 45 for kids aged 7-12 years. A group special for school teachers (20+),qualify for an additional 20%. AAA members also qualify for an additional discount of 15% (no limit on numbers). Please present your membership card as proof of membership, to receive your discount.

AAA End of Year Bash…..

Coming up later this month….watch for the FB posts within the next week.


Karate Classes

AAA now has Karate classes for kids! Classes will run on a Sunday & Thursday, 6.00pm to 7.00pm. These classes will be held in the tent next to the Shooters restaurant. Cost for members = AED 320 per block session (8 sessions) or AED 45 per casual session. Non-members will cost AED 400 per block session or AED 55 per casual session. You may be requested to purchase proof of purchase receipt prior to the commencement of the class. Classes will run over June but will stop in July & August for summer break!

Personal Trainer

AAA now has a PERSONAL TRAINER, Jeremiah Cady. Make sure you enquire at the club reception for more information. Contact Jeremiah today for your FREE 20 minute session!!


Plenty of rugby action this week and weekend! U20s World Cup continues as well as the JUNE INTERNATIONALS starting this Saturday. Make sure you call into the club to catch some of the action!

Thu, June 07

World Rugby U-20 Championship

Ireland v Georgia

08:30 PM

OSN Sports 5 HD

World Rugby U-20 Championship

Italy v Argentina

08:30 PM

OSN Sports Action 2 HD

World Rugby U-20 Championship

Wales v Japan

08:30 PM

OSN Sports 4 HD

World Rugby U-20 Championship

England v Scotland

11:00 PM

OSN Sports Action 2 HD

World Rugby U-20 Championship

New Zealand v Australia

11:00 PM

OSN Sports 4 HD

World Rugby U-20 Championship

South Africa v France

11:00 PM

OSN Sports 5 HD

Fri, June 08

World Rugby Sevens Series

Paris - Day 1, Women's

11:30 AM

OSN Sports 5 HD

Sat, June 09

June International Tours

New Zealand v France

11:20 AM

OSN Sports 4 HD

World Rugby Sevens Series

Paris - Day 2, Men's

11:30 AM

OSN Sports 5 HD

June International Tours

Australia v Ireland

01:50 PM

OSN Sports 4 HD

June Tours

Force v Rebels

04:00 PM

OSN Sports 4 HD

June International Tours

South Africa v England

06:50 PM

OSN Sports 4 HD

Sun, June 10

World Rugby Sevens Series

Paris - Day 3, Men's

11:30 AM

OSN Sports 5 HD


Wasele (Wais) is away on annual leave until 19th June. Please contact Andrew should you require any assistance, his days and times (during this period) are: Sunday to Friday, 10.00am to 6.00pm.

Please contact the club reception on 03 702 6431 or email rugby@aesgc.ae

AAA Club House Manager – Andrew Rouvi 03 702 6436 or email andrew@aesgc.ae

AAA Club House Assistant Manager – Wasele Ralifo email wasele@aesgc.ae

AAA Facebook Page – please click on the link to our new public FB page& LIKE


AAA Restaurant Facebook Page – please click on the link below and LIKE


AAA Website – click on the link below and visit our rugby club website


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