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Al Ain Amblers Rugby Club Weekly Update

Al Ain Amblers

Adults Rugby

Our Community team play at home against Abu Dhabi Saracens, kick off at 3.00pm. The Conference team play at Dubai College against Heartbeat Tigers, kicking off at 4.00pm. Good luck to our Women’s team as they participate in their first 7s tournament for the season. This will be held at the Dubai 7s venue.

Good luck to all the teams for this weekend!

Youth Rugby

Fixtures have come out for U9s, U10s & U11s. Your coach will send this out over the next few days.


The shop will be open Sunday to Fridays, 11.00am to 7.00pm. The shop is located down at the pool area (the old dive shop). Cash or credit cards accepted.

Please provide your proof of purchase receipt (rugby membership) to receive your uniform. Just a reminder that rugby family memberships do not include uniforms, you will need to pay for these separately.

Some junior and senior Mouth guards & Head guards have arrived in the shop this week. Mouth guards are AED 35 each and Head guards AED 135 each.

To those members that ordered AAA caps (personalised with home flag), these can also be picked up from the shop. There are also some extra ones available – AED 60 each.


The AESGC has kindly approved a food discount of 15% to all members,on purchases from the AAA restaurant. Please find the following conditions:

  • All members are included regardless of membership type or period.

  • Effective from 1st September 2017

  • Discount cannot be used on promotions or themed nights.

  • Couples – must be legally married.

  • Families – 2 adults & 2 children (up to age of 19 years)

  • Singles – all singles 16 years and above

  • Discount is only on food.

You may be asked to provide proof of membership, so please carry this with you when dinning at the restaurant.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to the AESGC for approving this discount for the members. I hope you make full use of it!


Please note there are some changes to the membership process for next season. Those changes in effect are for:

  • Membership instalments

  • Adult rugby & netball memberships

  • Members with outstanding payments from the previous season will not be eligible for instalments in the following season.

  • All membership instalments have a THREE MONTH PERIOD to be paid in FULL.

  • First instalment payment must be = AED 700.

  • You must pay your instalment plan in three CONSECUTIVE months.

  • All participants must have a CREDIT CARD. If any of the remaining payments are not made by the agreed date, you will be refused entry into the club until the outstanding payment is made. Please note your credit card will not be charged without your authorisation.

  • To be eligible for RUGBY TOURS, you must be a fully financial member.

  • To be eligible for the DUBAI 7s, you must be fully financial by 31st October 2017.

  • Family Rugby memberships – does not include kit & player insurance fee.

  • There are two types of family memberships – FAMILY SOCIAL & FAMILY RUGBY MEMBERSHIP.

  • All memberships are non-transferrable.

  • Adult netball memberships – the same price as an adult rugby membership. This year the membership will include a netball dress.


  1. There will now be a process to follow in order to be considered for a rugby or netball membership.

  2. You must attend 4 rugby or netballtraining sessions (consecutive) before membership is considered.

  3. You will not be eligible to use the swimming pool or gym until your membership has been accepted.

  4. You must be signed off by the Head Coach for attending the sessions.

  5. Decision will be based on experience, attendance & willingness to participate.

  6. If you are not approved for a rugby/netball membership, you will be offered a normal single membership with your choice of time period.

  7. No new rugby & netball memberships will be accepted during the months April to July.

  8. Instalment process is a three month payment system (as above)

  9. Please see the club management to initiate this new process.


The rugby club now has a WHATSAPP group for members. This will be used in conjunction with the WEEKLY EMAIL &FACEBOOK PAGE to ensure you receive up-to-information from the club. This will include events, promotions and anything club related. We will endeavour to keep the posts to a minimum.


Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, The pool is there for everyone to enjoy, the safety of our patrons is our main priority.


Please contact the club reception on 03 7026431 or email rugby@aesgc.ae for more information.


There is a new form at reception to update your contact details. Please do so on your next visit to the rugby club.


It is the policy of the AESGC that food & beverages from outside of the venue is prohibited. Please do not be offended if you are asked to dispose of these items immediately.


Just a reminder to not leave any of your possessions unattended (especially valuables) or left behind, especially in our changing rooms and toilet areas. The rugby club cannot be held responsible for missing items.


Just a reminder, if you are inviting guests to the club, you must be present with them upon entry. Cost is AED 30 per visitor (limit of two per member) or AED 100 for non-member (unaccompanied).

It is at the club’s discretion that we decline GUEST ENTRY at peak times of the day. This is for the safety of all patrons.


Make sure you come along to quiz night next Wednesday from 8.00pm.

The next Karaoke Night is Thursday 12thOctober, 7.00pm to 11.00pm. Make sure you drag some friends along and have some fun.

YOGA CLASS – every Monday, 5.00pm to 6.00pm. Please register and pay prior to the class beginning. Class will be taken on the grass area in front of the grandstand. AED 40 (member) & AED 45 (non-member).

AAA BREAST CANCER DAY – on next Friday 13th October from 3.00pm. Come along and bring the family for an action packed afternoon!


  • AAA Breast Cancer Awareness Day – 13th October 2017

  • AAA Kid’s Halloween Part – 26thOctober 2017 from 5.00pm

  • AAA Teen’s Halloween Party – 26th October 2017 from 7.00pm


Should you have any queries, please contact the club reception on 03 702 6431 or email rugby@aesgc.ae. Our friendly team are more than willing to assist you.

AAA Club House Manager – Andrew Rouvi 03 702 6436 or email andrew@aesgc.ae

AAA Club House Assistant Manager – Wasele Ralifo 03 702 6431 or email wasele@aesgc.ae

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