As the Chairman

A very warm welcome to all our members, new and existing.

Al Ain Amblers Rugby Club has reached a significant milestone this year and had celebrated our 10th year anniversary as tenants at our award winning facility. We would like to thank the resort for their continued support.

The 2017/2018 season has officially kicked off, with a few games already played.  Games are hosted at our facility most Friday’s. New members are encouraged to join our Facebook page, that have regular updates about game timings as well as social activities hosted by the club. Our membership numbers have shown steady growth this year. Thanks to our dedicated staff for offering such a welcoming and knowledgeable service to all membership enquiries.


The Al Ain Rugby Club plays a huge part in helping expats new to Al Ain settle into their new lives. After having moved to Al Ain with my family 3 years ago, the Al Ain Rugby Club has truly been a saving grace for us. We were warmly received and became an instant part of the Al Ain Amblers family. Born in South Africa and becoming a proud Kiwi back in 2001, I travelled to Al Ain with my wife, Marisse and 3 children Shaquille, Jamie and Tehana. All 5 of us wearing the distinct yellow and black proudly. I had the pleasure of playing alongside my son Shaq for the senior men’s team before he returned to Christchurch, New Zealand. My wife represents the Women's team, my daughter in Touch Rugby and my youngest son playing alongside me in the Men’s team.

After being recently selected with the honour of representing the members as the Chairman of the Rugby and Netball Club, I have been exposed to all the hard work done behind the scenes, many of which is done on a voluntary basis, and am still in awe of the commitment and pride for our wonderful club.

I would like to thank all those that are giving up their free time to keep our club progressing. I look forward to seeing you all down at the club.

Mr. Gary Mark De Klerk


Al Ain Amblers Rugby Club



The Al Ain Amblers Rugby Football Club envisions that at all times the executive committee, registered members and players will abide by the Club’s constitution and bylaws to further develop the sport of rugby union played at the Club and in Al Ain. All members registered with the Club must represent the Club on and off the rugby field with: discipline, sportsmanship, integrity and respect. The Club prides itself in its reputation for fair play, camaraderie and hospitality and tasks all members to uphold these values. In a multi-sports environment where other sports may wish to seek affiliation to the Club and share facilities and budgetary requirements, the executive committee in consultation with the players’ representatives must consider first the needs of rugby union before any such affiliation is accepted.

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